Mr. Paola Cimegotto Venema

Mr. Paola Cimegotto Venema studied Italian and International Law at the University of Trento and Spanish Law at the University of Madrid.

She is registered with the Italian, Spanish and Dutch Bar Association

Mr. Cimegotto Venema has been active as a lawyer in Italian and international business for more than 15 years and has worked for large Italian companies in Italy for a long time. 

She has established business relationships with large Dutch companies for them. She has also introduced Dutch companies into the Italian market. She has now settled in the Netherlands, but is regularly in Italy to legally assist Dutch clients in Italy. The native language of Mr. Cimegotto Venema  is Italian but she also speaks Dutch, English and Spanish fluently. 

She has extensive experience with litigation in Italy and with all the formalities involved. Mr. Cimegotto Venema has a great deal of experience in guiding Italian companies in the Netherlands, including the creation of companies and other legal entities and vice versa Dutch companies that want to start a business in Italy or do business in Italy.

Method Through her experience in business, she speaks the entrepreneur’s language and knows what entrepreneurship means. Preventing legal problems is her method and always tries to solve them in a quick and pragmatic way. Discovering problems and suggesting a fast and efficient solution for your company is her strength and what you can expect from her. She works together with the entrepreneur to give the company a solid and practical legal basis. In this way the entrepreneur can focus on what he is good and likes.

She is “always” available to her customers. Like to hear in advance what a customer intends to have afterwards a long conversation to solve a problem … asking questions in advance is also a way to prevent problems! If you have questions that fall outside of her specialties, you can still contact her. She can use the knowledge of colleagues from the network.   

Mr. Sonia Orofino

Bar Association of Bari (Italy).

Areas of expertise: Italian Tax, Civil, Family and Labor law.

Languages: Italian (native speaker), English (fluent written and spoken).

She won several challenging Tax, Labor, Civil and Family Law cases involving mainly private clients. Her way of working follows a rule: never forget the importance of building good relationships with clients, with colleagues and with representatives of business and government institutions which are based on trust and mutual respect.

Success has come to the price of hard work, of attending court proceedings with rigorousness and of remaining up to date with new sentences and laws.

She specializes in comparing Italian tax law to Dutch tax law.

She guides Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs through the labyrinth of Italian Tax rules and regulations and makes understandable and simple what appears and often is very complicated.

Defending her clients and their rights is her number one priority.