Contracts in both English and Dutch languages
Founding Companies and Holdings in The Netherlands
New market openings in the Netherlands, USA, China
Direct and indirect legal support within Italy, The Netherlands and Spain
Company Start-ups
Company grown-ups
Develop and writing of a Business plan
Finance (relations with banks)
New market openings (in The Netherlands, Italy, Spain,  China and USA).
Labor Law
Due diligence
Patent law
Staff research and selection in The Netherlands and Italy
Research and selection of suppliers
Merges and acquisitions
Tax advice also regarding the purchase, management and sale of real estate in Italy and The Netherlands.
Analysis and identification of “tax reduction areas” in Italy, in order to obtain tax benefits and facilities in accessing European funds.

Prevention is better than cure! First listening and then putting the ideas of entrepreneurs on paper through a business plan and making it concrete. Working together with the entrepreneur to make and keep the company legally and financially healthy and to prevent problems and solve them if necessary.

Slencs does not have a third-party funds management foundation